The team at Rancho de Chavez is excited to have a herd of mouflon sheep as an active part of the animal inhabitants. Like most wild sheep, the mouflon at Rancho de Chavez lives on rocky, mountainous terrain, usually above the tree line.

It has a red-brown color with a dark area along its back with lighter-colored side patches. It tends to be white underneath and on the bottom half of their legs, on the muzzle and in circles around the eyes.

The males and females have horns, but those of the males are larger. The curved, spiral horns are usually around 25 inches in length and are arch back over its head. The size of a male mouflon’s horns determine his status in the group. A mouflon weighs between 55-120 pounds. They are 4-5 feet long, and stand about 2-4 feet tall at the shoulders. They have a rough coat, and during the winter grow a woolly under coat that keeps them warm.

All hunts require the signing of a liability release waiver for the hunt property. No license required for hunts.  Traditional weaponry or high powered are allowed. Harvest processing and mounting fees are not included in the hunt fee; although, we can make arrangements on behalf of the hunter. Head and cape for mounting along with meat are all property of the hunter.


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