Named for their beautiful home in the mountains of the Hawaiian Islands, Hawaiian Black Sheep possess a beautiful black coloring that makes them a very popular trophy animal. Although debatable, the black hawaiian is a cross of Mouflon and black hair sheep from the Hawaiian islands.

They have a thick black coat and are usually black all over, although some sport a white muzzle. The horns of young males are jet black, but can turn brown to light tan as they age. Horns can grow to length of 40+ inches that grow in a spiral or circular pattern and point out with their full body weighing between 125 and 150 pounds.

All hunts require the signing of a liability release waiver for the hunt property. No license required for hunts.  Traditional weaponry or high powered are allowed. Harvest processing and mounting fees are not included in the hunt fee; although, we can make arrangements on behalf of the hunter. Head and cape for mounting along with meat are all property of the hunter.


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