Near the Ortiz Mountains of New Mexico reside a large herd of Himalayan Highland Cattle also know as Himalayan Exotic Yak, Tibetan Bison or the “Grunting Ox”.  This classic, old-world appearance is due to their high, humped shoulders, horse-like tails and long skirts of hair that hang down their sides to the ground. Their short legs have broad hooves and large dewclaws to help them maneuver over steep mountainous terrain. The bulls are very large and some attain heights of about 6-7 feet at the shoulder hump and weight up to 2000 pounds.

The Yak is found throughout the Himalayan region of south central Asia, the Tibetan Plateau and as far north as Mongolia and the Russian Federation.  Yaks are native to the high country and can live easily at elevations of over 22,000 feet. Their dense coats and thick hides are necessary to protect them from the bitter cold of the high mountains.

Yak hunts are highly physical, as these animals are generally located on a mountain or at a higher elevation. It is often a stalk and walk hunt.  Your adventure will be a private hunt on a private ranch. The animal harvested will belong to the hunter in it’s entirety.

All hunts require the signing if a liability release waiver for the hunt property. No license required for this hunt. Traditional weaponry or high powered are allowed. Meat processing or mounting fees are not included in the hunt fee; although, we can make arrangements on behalf of the hunter. Head and cape for mounting along with meat are all property of the hunter.



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