Rancho de Chavez provides an excellent home for the Chukar. A native of southern Eurasia, the Chukar was introduced into the United States from Pakistan to be a game bird. It lives in arid, rocky terrain across the western United States and southern Canada. A versatile creature, you can find them living on rocky hillsides or mountain slopes that are growing grassy vegetation or can also be found on open, flat deserts with sparse grasses and barren plateaus.

The Chukar is a petite bird ranging in 13.4 – 15 in in length and weighing between 19 and 24 ounces. It varies slightly in color across its native range in Eurasia. In more humid areas, they are darker and more tinged with olive-brown on the upper parts and are more warmly colored on the under parts. Birds in more arid areas tend to be grayer and paler, less brown on the upper parts and paler on the under parts.

At dusk, the Chukar “chuk” can be heard near the Rancho de Chavez Hacienda pond. This incredible bird takes advantage of all water sources. From ponds, rivers and creeks, to springs and nearly stagnant seeps that hardly moisten the ground. The Chukar have been found getting water in mine shafts more than 10 feet below ground level and sometimes have been observed well back in mine tunnels where only faint light revealed the water.

All hunts require the signing if a liability release waiver for the hunt property. No license required for this hunt. Processing or mounting fees are not included in the hunt fee; although, we can make arrangements on behalf of the hunter.



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