American Bison, commonly known as the American Buffalo, roam and forage the grassland of Rancho de Chavez. The magnificent, humped-back creatures range in weight from 800-2000 pounds and can run up to 37 miles per hour.  Although herbivores, the large upturned horns of the bison can cause major damage to predators while protecting their territory.

The bison hunt is an exhilarating and challenging undertaking that is truly a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Finding your trophy bison on 15,000 acres of prime natural habitat makes for a true hunt. Bison are one of the largest North American game animals and are often unpredictable and elusive. All hunts are guided one-on-one to guarantee your adventure.

All hunts require the signing of a liability release waiver for the hunt property. No license required for this hunt.  Traditional weaponry or high powered are allowed. Meat processing or mounting fees are not included in the hunt fee; although, we can make arrangements on behalf of the hunter. Head and cape for mounting along with meat are all property of the hunter.
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